Relax, they don't miss you

Laugh. Play. Connect. Repeat fun around the corner

Children will love The Trumpeteers Program, a world created especially for our youngest Members. Here kids are free to explore, to learn and to be themselves. Programs are designed to integrate the natural beauty and activities that surround the Club.  Athletic themed activities, holiday celebrations, and unique outings such as scavenger hunts or live animal petting shows give children an outlet for their energy, while fashion shows, crafts, cooking and theater days expand their creative horizons. Any activity, pursuit or passion can be brought to life through the imagination and attitude of our Trumpeteers professionals.

Throughout the year we offer tailored Kids Camps, special events, holidays, birthday parties, dive-in movies and Kid's Night Out. Complimentary childcare is provided to Owners who are enjoying a spa treatment, or adult time at dinner. Full-day childcare is also available.

Tykes Room

The Tykes Room is endlessly entertaining with many ideas for make-believe – and a favorite destination for our pint-sized audience. The bookcase, filled with storybooks, coloring books, stuffed animals and more appeals to the youthful nature of the room’s frequent guests.

game room.jpg